Morné has been a professional cyclist for 12 years and won many of the biggest races in South Africa, including the Cape Argus in 2000. He rode with the likes of Robert Hunter in the U23 National team, Douglas Rider in Microsoft, Malcolm Lange, Daryl Impey and Andrew Mclean in the same teams.

“I owe my success to hours of tough training and the knowledge of the correct training methods.”

Morné has ben passionate about cycling from a very young age, whether he's on the bike himself or watching and training others to achieve their cycling goals. He dedicates his time nowadays to being a professional cycling coach and is the owner and sole cycling coach of Pro Cycling Coaching, South Africa.

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Training with a professional cycling coach

Pro Cycling Coaching is a specialist cycling coach service that aims to teach cyclists how to get the most out of their bodies. The cycling training programs on offer are inlined with how professionals train, but custom designed to fit clients with eight to five jobs. The programs focus on quality work and constructive cycling training.

There are not a lot of professional cyclists who offer coaching and Morné's clients, therefore, have the advantage of getting valuable tips from someone who has been there.

“I know, and can share, exactly what to do on the bike and when to do it. The success of my cycling training programs is apparent in my clients' astonishing results and the champions that were produced both on the road and in duathlons. As they get stronger there are an enormous drop in race times.”

The cycling programs are carefully structured to ensure that the clients train in the correct way. He especially concentrates on power work on the bike and heart rate training. All types of interval training and proper recovery rides that are slow enough are just as important. People often don't train hard enough and don't ride slow enough on their recovery rides.

As the only cycling coach at Pro Cycling Coaching, Morné will be your personal cycling coach, acknowledging you as an individual rider. You will receive a weekly program based on what you are training for and what your needs are to ensure that you reach your cycling goals. Based on weekly feedback from you Morné will be able to monitor your progress and adjust the program.

For cyclists preparing for tours like the Cape Epic and Sani2C, you will learn what proper base training is (how to get towards it, when to start with it and the reason for doing it). You will also learn more about block sessions after base training and the benefits thereof. Your success all comes down to quality training on the bike that will make you stronger.

Cycling training is all about getting to know your body; adapting to those days that you're not feeling great and then changing your training to fit your needs. With Morné's experience and his personal involvement in your journey to success, he is able to take your riding to the next level.

Pro Cycling Coaching is Hermanus based, but Morné is a cycling coach throughout South Africa.

“I believe in doing quality sessions with you to make sure you get stronger.”



Junior SA Road Champs
U23 SA Road Race & the SA Time Trial Champs
Boland Bank Tour (stage seven)
SA Time Trial champs (Elite)
African Championships Road race
Tour de Eden
Tour of Korea (stage five)
Knysna Oyster Festival Road
Panorama Tour
94.7 Cycle Challenge
Cape Argus
SA Road Champs (Elite)
Tour of South Island New Zealand (stage four)
Jock Cycle Tour


  • Tour De China
  • Tour De Lankawi (Malaysia)
  • Giro Primavera (Italy)
  • World Elite Time Trail Champs (Spain)
  • World U23 Champs (Italy)
  • Tour of Morocco
  • Tour of Tunisieus
  • Pro Champs (America)
  • Tour of Canada
  • Triptic Ardenne (Belgium)
  • Liege Bastogne (Belgium)
  • Hasselt (Belgium)
  • Milk Race (Ireland)
  • MTB: 3 ABSA Cape Epics
  • Sani2C
  • Wines2Whales
  • Karoo2Coast top 30
  • Tour of Korea (Korea)
  • Tour of Mauritius

client results



From Grey College in Bloemfontein and winner of 3 Spur School League Races. I have some of the best Junior Riders in the Country on my books.



Ironman finisher being Interviewed by Paul Kaye on TV. She is a lovely warm woman that everybody loves.



Second place in Tour de Boland Time Trial. His Karoo2Coast time was from 4h35-3h54. Double Century time from 6h30-5h44.



Two Big Lads who never rode the Cape Epic before, They finished strong. They had a combined weight of 260kg. Was a pleasure to help with their Coaching.



Did the whole Epic with a Brick in his backpack. This was to raise awareness for his sick friend. He was diagnosed with protein deficiency disorder.



Knysna 300 Mountain bike time improved in one year by 2h30min. Attekwas challenge time from 8h40-7h00. His training assisted him in losing 35kg in two years. Done 5 Epics.


Winner of under 16 categories of the following races: First National MTB series Meerendal, First WP XCO MTB series, Second WP XCO MTB series


Karoo2Coast time from 6h15-5h05 Average speed on MTB improved from 22km/h to 30km/h on certain routes.


Hails from PE. He also a secured a number of podium positions in the Spur League.


Presenter of Kokkedoor on KykNET is also a Client.

Marli Honiball model Avroy Shlain

Pro Cycling Client



Argus time from 4h50-4h03.



Seventh place at the World Marathon Championships in Pietermaritzburg (masters category).



Seventh place at the Freedom challenge in 2013. He was one of the 27 participants who finished the race out of the 52 that started.

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